Earthquake Information
 Origin Time
2015-06-30 06:07:25 (GMT)
M 4.3
36.7552° N
21.5400° E
 Focal Depth
10 km
 # of Arrivals
 Location 15.8 km WSW of Methoni
60.0 km WSW of Kalamata
237.1 km SW of Athens
 Solution type

  Station data

ITMHL58.2 36 P06:07:36.43 -0.41.0A
AMTHP87.7 10 P06:07:41.12 -0.31.0A
LTHKHP123.0330 P06:07:45.36 -1.31.0A
VLIHL125.4 91 P06:07:46.99 -0.11.0A
DROHP134.0 6 P06:07:48.10 0.01.0A
RLSHL144.8357 P06:07:49.63 0.01.0A
KTHAHL146.9112 P06:07:49.86 -0.11.0A
KLVHL153.1 20 P06:07:50.26 -0.51.0A
KRNDHT159.0 63 P06:07:50.66 -0.91.0A
LAKAHA169.6 13 P06:07:53.25 0.41.0A
THALHA173.6 35 P06:07:53.06 -0.41.0A
VLSHL179.0332 P06:07:52.96 -1.11.0A
PSARHA184.0 18 P06:07:55.22 0.41.0A
TRIZHA185.1 15 P06:07:55.18 0.31.0A
ANKYHL186.2122 P06:07:55.06 -0.11.0A
EFPHP188.7 10 P06:07:55.71 0.31.0A
SERGHP189.9 14 P06:07:56.00 0.41.0A
PVOHP207.0360 P06:07:58.70 0.91.0A
ANXHP207.1 9 P06:07:58.57 0.81.0A
EVGIHT221.6340 P06:07:59.51 -0.11.0A
NYDRHT230.0341 P06:08:00.59 -0.11.0A
DRAGHT230.7339 P06:08:00.75 0.01.0A
LKD2HT239.1341 P06:08:01.70 -0.11.0A
EVRHL241.5 6 P06:08:03.86 1.81.0A
MAKRHA256.4 12 P06:08:05.29 1.41.0A
AGGHT261.5 15 P06:08:04.34 -0.21.0A
IMMVHL262.3123 P06:08:05.61 0.81.0A
DSLHP267.3352 P06:08:05.83 0.51.0A
VAMHL282.1121 P06:08:07.12 -0.11.0A
GVDHL313.3132 P06:08:11.20 0.21.0A
THLHL315.1 7 P06:08:10.45 -0.71.0A
JANHL328.2350 P06:08:12.34 -0.51.0A
IDIMN342.6117 P06:08:14.11 -0.61.0A
SANTHL352.6 96 P06:08:15.98 0.01.0A
SKYHL354.7 47 P06:08:15.29 -0.91.0A
KPROHT356.1358 P06:08:16.41 0.21.0A
KEKHL362.4336 P06:08:17.81 0.81.0A
PENTHL384.2355 P06:08:20.09 0.41.0A
KZNHL395.1 3 P06:08:20.59 -0.51.0A
NESTHT409.1354 P06:08:23.10 0.31.0A
SOHHT478.6 19 P06:08:30.59 -0.81.0A
PRKHL498.0 55 P06:08:33.86 -0.11.0A
KARPHL522.2103 P06:08:37.56 0.61.0A
CELMN525.3290 P06:08:37.36 0.01.0A
TIRMN530.7345 P06:08:37.16 -0.71.0A
CUCMN615.2308 P06:08:48.47 0.01.0A
KSLHL722.5 93 P06:09:01.92 0.11.0A