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Station information

Network / Station
HA ACOR Acrocorinthos 37.8902°N  22.8692°E  437 m  CMG-40T/30 CMG-DM24S6-EAM
HA ATAL Atalanti 38.6926°N  23.0213°E  290 m  CMG-3T/120 CMG-DM24S6-EAM
HA ATHU Athens University 37.9665°N  23.7845°E  308 m  CMG-40T/60 Reftek-72A
HA AXAR Agios Haralambos 38.7664°N  22.6590°E  406 m  CMG-40TD/30 CMG-DM24
HA DESF Desfina 38.4127°N  22.5321°E  750 m  CMG-40TD/30 CMG-DM24
HA DIDY Didyma 37.4765°N  23.2118°E  1036 m  CMG-3ESPC/60 Reftek-72A
HA EPID Epidavros 37.6144°N  23.1189°E  444 m  CMG-40T/30 CMG-DM24S6-EAM
HA EREA Eretria 38.4199°N  23.9318°E  475 m  CMG-40T/30 Reftek-72A
HA FYTO Fytoko 39.4086°N  22.9396°E  192 m  CMG-40TD/30 CMG-DM24
HA KALE Kallithea 38.3911°N  22.1398°E  760 m  TRILLIUM 40 CMG-DM24S6-EAM
HA KARY Karystos 38.0321°N  24.4370°E  220 m  CMG-40T/60 CMG-DM24S6-EAM
HA LAKA Lakka 38.2401°N  21.9785°E  505 m  CMG-3T/120 H CMG-DM24
HA LOUT Loutraki 37.9879°N  22.9743°E  307 m  CMG-40T/30 CMG-DM24S6-EAM
HA MAKR Makrakomi 39.0132°N  22.1317°E  532 m  CMG-40T/30 CMG-DM24S6-EAM
HA MRKA Markates 38.7047°N  23.5847°E  440 m  CMG-40T Reftek-72A
HA PROD Prodromos, Domvrena 38.2589°N  22.9006°E  350 m  LE-3D/5 Reftek-72A
HA/CL PSAR Psaromita 38.3318°N  22.1752°E  117 m  MARK L22-3D Reftek-130
HA/CL RODI Rodini 38.3229°N  21.8971°E  80 m  CMG-40T/30 Reftek-130
HA SERI Serifos Isl. 37.1609°N  24.4853°E  460 m  CMG-40TD/30 CMG-DM24
HA SKIA Skiathos Isl. 39.1665°N  23.4661°E  325 m  CMG-40T/60 CMG-DM24S6-EAM
HA SMIA Simia 38.8791°N  23.2090°E  448 m  CMG-40TD/30 CMG-DM24
HA SNT1 Gialos, Santorini Isl. 36.4159°N  25.4282°E  12 m  CMG-40T/30 Reftek-130
HA SNT3 Karterados, Santorini Isl. 36.4130°N  25.4471°E  136 m  CMG-40T Reftek-130
HA SNT5 Nea Kammeni, Santorini Isl. 36.4037°N  25.3953°E  124 m  CMG-40T Reftek-130
HA THAL Thalero 38.0357°N  22.6634°E  196 m  CMG-40T/30 CMG-DM24S6-EAM
HA TRAZ Trapeza 38.1685°N  22.2121°E  668 m  CMG-40T/30 CMG-DM24S6-EAM
HA TRIP Tripoli 37.5278°N  22.2708°E  820 m  CMG-40TD/30 CMG-DM24
HA/CL TRIZ Trizonia 38.3655°N  22.0727°E  57 m  STS-2 Reftek-130
HA VILL Villia 38.1642°N  23.3122°E  650 m  CMG-40T/30 CMG-DM24S6-EAM
HA/CL ZIRI Ziria 38.3090°N  21.9532°E  480 m  MARK L22-3D Reftek-130
HL AMGA Amorgos Isl. 36.8316°N  25.8938°E  343 m  LE-3D/20 SMART24
HL ANAF Anafi Isl. 36.3568°N  25.7726°E  335 m  LE-3D/20 SMART24
HL ANKY Antikythira Isl. 35.8670°N  23.3012°E  143 m  CMG-3ESPC/60 PS6-SC
HL/GE APE Aperanthos, Naxos 37.0727°N  25.5230°E  608 m  STS-2 PS6-SC
HL ARG Archagelos, Rhodos 36.2135°N  28.1212°E  148 m  LE-3D/20 DR24-SC
HL ATH National Observatory of Athens 37.9738°N  23.7176°E  93 m  STS-2 DR24-SC
HL DION Dionysos 38.0779°N  23.9331°E  460 m  CMG-40T/30 PS6-SC
HL EVR Evritania 38.9165°N  21.8105°E  1037 m  CMG-3ESPC/60 DR24-SC
HL/GE GVD Gavdhos Isl. 34.8391°N  24.0874°E  170 m  STS-2 PS6-SC
HL IACM Heraklio, Crete 35.3058°N  25.0709°E  45 m  STS-2 PS6-SC
MN/HL IDI Anogia, Crete 35.2880°N  24.8900°E  750 m  STS-2 High Gain Qx80-SC
HL/GE IMMV Varypetro, Chania 35.4606°N  23.9811°E  230 m  STS-2 PS6-SC
HL IOSP Ios Isl. 36.7233°N  25.2890°E  226 m  LE-3D/20 SMART24
HL ITM Ithomi 37.1787°N  21.9252°E  423 m  STS-2 DR24-SC
HL JAN Ioannina 39.6561°N  20.8487°E  526 m  CMG-3ESPC/60 DR24-SC
HL/GE KARP Karpathos Isl. 35.5471°N  27.1610°E  524 m  STS-2 PS6-SC
HL/MN KEK Kerkyra Isl. 39.7127°N  19.7962°E  227 m  STS-2 DR24-SC
HL/MN KLV Kalavryta, Achaia 38.0437°N  22.1504°E  758 m  STS-2 PS6-SC
HL KSL Kastellorizon 36.1503°N  29.5856°E  64 m  CMG-3ESPC/60 PS6-SC
HL KTHA Kythira Isl. 36.2566°N  23.0621°E  360 m  STS-2 PS6-SC
HL KYMI Kymi, Euvoia Isl. 38.6331°N  24.1001°E  259 m  CMG-3ESPC/60 PS6-SC
HL KZN Kozani 40.3033°N  21.7820°E  791 m  STS-2 DR24-SC
HL LAST Lasithi 35.1620°N  25.4780°E  870 m  CMG-40T/30 PS6-SC
HL LIA Limnos Isl. 39.8972°N  25.1805°E  67 m  CMG-3ESPC/60 DR24-SC
HL LKR Lokris 38.6495°N  22.9988°E  185 m  CMG-40T/30 DR24-SC
HL MHLA Plaka, Milos Isl. 36.7450°N  24.4219°E  200 m  CMG-3ESPC PS6-SC
HL MHLO Milos Isl. 36.6898°N  24.4017°E  175 m  LE-3D/20 PS6-SC
HL NEO Neokhori 39.3056°N  23.2218°E  510 m  KS2000M DR24-SC
HL NISR Nissyros Isl. 36.6106°N  27.1309°E  48 m  CMG-40T/30 PS6-SC
HL NPS Neapolis, Crete Isl. 35.2613°N  25.6103°E  288 m  KS2000M DR24-SC
HL NVR Nevrokopi 41.3484°N  23.8651°E  627 m  CMG-3ESPC/60 DR24-SC
HL PENT Pentalofos, Kozani 40.1959°N  21.1384°E  1096 m  CMG-40T/30 Reftek-130
HL PLG Polygyros 40.3714°N  23.4438°E  590 m  KS2000M PS6-SC
HL PRK Agia Paraskevi, Lesvos Isl. 39.2456°N  26.2649°E  130 m  STS-2 EDR-209
HL PTL Penteli 38.0473°N  23.8638°E  500 m  KS2000M DR24-SC
HL RDO Rodopi 41.1450°N  25.5355°E  116 m  CMG-3ESPC/60 DR24-SC
HL RLS Riolos, Patras 38.0558°N  21.4647°E  97 m  KS2000M DR24-SC
HL/GE SANT Santorini, Greece 36.3710°N  25.4590°E  540 m  STS-2 PS6-SC
HL SAP1 Akrotiri 36.3579°N  25.3957°E  151 m  LE-3D/20 SMART24
HL SAP2 Karterados, Santorini Isl. 36.4108°N  25.4457°E  185 m  LE-3D/20 SMART24
HL SAP3 Thirasia Isl. 36.4356°N  25.3454°E  205 m  LE-3D/20 SMART24
HL SAP4 Oia, Santorini Isl. 36.4734°N  25.3724°E  56 m  LE-3D/20 SMART24
HL SIVA Sivas, Crete, Greece 35.0178°N  24.8120°E  96 m  CMG-3ESPC/60 PS6-SC
HL SKY Skyros Isl. 38.8831°N  24.5482°E  268 m  KS2000M PS6-SC
HL SMG Samos 37.7042°N  26.8377°E  348 m  TRILLIUM 120P DR24-SC
HL SMTH Samothraki Isl. 40.4709°N  25.5305°E  365 m  CMG-3ESPC/60 PS6-SC
HL/MN TETR Tetrakomo, Arta 39.3445°N  21.2746°E  942 m  CMG-40T/60 CMG-DM24
HL/MN THL Thessalia 39.5646°N  22.0144°E  86 m  STS-2 DR24-SC
HL VAM Vamos 35.4070°N  24.1997°E  225 m  KS2000M DR24-SC
HL VLI Veliai 36.7180°N  22.9468°E  220 m  CMG-3ESPC/60 Reftek-130
HL VLMS Volimes, Zakynthos 37.8766°N  20.6628°E  433 m  CMG-3ESPC/120 CMG-DM24
HL VLS Valsamata 38.1768°N  20.5886°E  402 m  TRILLIUM 120P DR24-SC
HL VLY Voula, Attiki 37.8524°N  23.7942°E  256 m  TRILLIUM 120P DR24-SC
HL/GE ZKR Zakros, Crete Isl. 35.1147°N  26.2170°E  270 m  STS-2 PS6-SC
HT AGG Agios Georgios, Lamia 39.0211°N  22.3360°E  622 m  CMG-3ESP/100 Trident-B
HT ALN Alexandroupoli 40.8957°N  26.0497°E  110 m  TRILLIUM 120P Trident-B
HT AOS2 Alonnisos Isl. 39.1478°N  23.8436°E  185 m  CMG-3ESP/100 CENTAUR
HT CHOS Chios Isl. 38.3868°N  26.0506°E  854 m  CMG-3ESP/100 Trident-B
HT CMBO Coloumbo, Santorini Isl. 36.4709°N  25.4056°E  108 m  TRILLIUM 120P TAURUS
HT DMLN Damoulianata, Kefalonia Isl. 38.2385°N  20.3734°E  370 m  CMG-40T Reftek-130
HT DRAG Dragano, Lefkada Isl. 38.6839°N  20.5746°E  348 m  LE-3D/1 Reftek-130
HT EVGI Evgiros, Lefkada Isl. 38.6210°N  20.6560°E  249 m  CMG-40T Reftek-130
HT FNA Florina 40.7818°N  21.3835°E  750 m  CMG-3ESP/100 HRD24
HT GRG Griva, Thessaloniki 40.9558°N  22.4029°E  600 m  CMG-3ESP/100 Trident-B
HT HORT Hortiatis mt. 40.5978°N  23.0995°E  925 m  CMG-3ESP/100 Trident-B
HT IGT Igoumenitsa 39.5315°N  20.3299°E  270 m  CMG-3ESP/100 HRD24
HT KAVA Kavala 40.9941°N  24.5119°E  95 m  TRILLIUM 120P TAURUS
HT KNT Kentriko 41.1620°N  22.8980°E  380 m  CMG-3ESP/100 HRD24
HT KOKK Kokkinochori, Kavala 40.8178°N  23.9992°E  261 m  TRILLIUM 120C TAURUS
HT KPRO Kipourio 39.9550°N  21.3632°E  837 m  CMG-3ESP/100 TAURUS
HT KRND Kranidi 37.3830°N  23.1502°E  140 m  CMG-3ESP/100 TAURUS
HT LIT Litochorio, Katerini 40.1003°N  22.4893°E  568 m  CMG-3ESP/100 Trident-B
HT LKD2 Lefkada Isl. 38.7889°N  20.6578°E  485 m  CMG-3ESP/100 Trident-B
HT LOS Limnos Isl. 39.9330°N  25.0810°E  460 m  S-13 Trident-B
HT LRSO Larissa Observatory 39.6713°N  22.3917°E  78 m  CMG-3ESP/100 Reftek-130
HT MEV Metsovo 39.7850°N  21.2290°E  1500 m  S-13 Trident-B
HT NEST Nestorio 40.4147°N  21.0489°E  1056 m  TRILLIUM 120P TAURUS
HT NIS1 Emporikos, Nisyros Isl. 36.6023°N  27.1782°E  378 m  CMG-3ESP/100 TAURUS
HT NYDR Nydri, Lefkada Isl. 38.7135°N  20.6983°E  14 m  CMG-40T Reftek-130
HT OUR Ouranoupoli 40.3340°N  23.9820°E  60 m  CMG-3ESP/100 Trident-B
HT PAIG Paliouri, Halkidiki 39.9363°N  23.6768°E  213 m  CMG-3ESP/100 Trident-B
HT PSDA Passada, Kefalonia Isl. 38.1140°N  20.5841°E  48 m  CMG-40T/30 Reftek-130
HT SIGR Sigri, Lesvos Isl. 39.2114°N  25.8553°E  92 m  CMG-3ESP/100 Trident-B
HT SOH Sochos, Halkidiki 40.8206°N  23.3556°E  728 m  TRILLIUM 120P TAURUS
HT SRS Serres 41.1086°N  23.5846°E  321 m  CMG-3ESP/100 Trident-B
HT STAX Nea Kammeni, Taxiarhis Harbor 36.3993°N  25.4045°E  20 m  CMG-40T/30 CMG-DM24
HT THAS Thassos Isl. 40.6064°N  24.7194°E  67 m  CMG-3ESP/100 Trident-B
HT THE Thessaloniki 40.6319°N  22.9628°E  124 m  TRILLIUM 120P TAURUS
HT THR2 Vourvoulos, Santorini Isl. 36.4469°N  25.4354°E  220 m  S-13 Trident-B
HT THR3 Nea Kammeni, Santorini Isl. 36.4091°N  25.4008°E  71 m  S-13 Trident-B
HT THR5 Kera, Santorini Isl. 36.4172°N  25.3479°E  180 m  S-13 Trident-B
HT THR6 Akrotiri, Santorini Isl. 36.3562°N  25.3975°E  119 m  S-13 Trident-B
HT THR7 Impis, Santorini Isl. 36.4224°N  25.4284°E  315 m  S-13 Trident-B
HT THR8 Monolithos, Santorini Isl. 36.4070°N  25.4788°E  30 m  S-13 Trident-B
HT THR9 Faros Akrotiriou, Santorini Isl. 36.3577°N  25.3569°E  54 m  S-13 Trident-B
HT THT1 Athinios, Santorini Isl. 36.3858°N  25.4296°E  0 m  TRILLIUM 120P TAURUS
HT THT2 Imerovigli, Santorini Isl. 36.4363°N  25.4252°E  343 m  CMG-3ESP/60 Reftek-130
HT TSLK Tsoukalades, Lefkada Isl. 38.8249°N  20.6554°E  212 m  CMG-40T Reftek-130
HT TYRN Tyrnavos 39.7110°N  22.2325°E  151 m  TRILLIUM 120P TAURUS
HT XOR Xorichti, Volos 39.3660°N  23.1920°E  500 m  CMG-3ESP/100 TAURUS
HP AMT Artemida 37.5324°N  21.7089°E  482 m  TRILLIUM 40 Trident-B
HP ANX Ano Hora 38.5933°N  21.9209°E  1020 m  CMG-3T/120 H CMG-DM24
HP AXS Araxos 38.1962°N  21.3763°E  102 m  TRILLIUM 40 Geobit SRi32s
HP DDN Dodoni 39.5314°N  20.8449°E  1110 m  KS2000M Trident-B
HP DID Didima 37.5063°N  23.2368°E  525 m  TRILLIUM 40 Trident-B
HP DRO Drosia 37.9522°N  21.7111°E  471 m  TRILLIUM 120 Trident-B
HP DSF Desfina 38.4112°N  22.5271°E  701 m  TRILLIUM 40 Trident-B
HP DSL Diaselo 39.1338°N  21.0964°E  525 m  KS2000M Trident-B
HP DYR Dyros - Ag. Nikonas 36.7622°N  22.3337°E  428 m  TRILLIUM 40 Trident-B
HP EFP Efpalio 38.4269°N  21.9058°E  135 m  TRILLIUM 40 Trident-B
HP FSK Fiskardo, Kefalonia Isl. 38.4593°N  20.5623°E  113 m  CMG-3ESP Trident-B
HP GUR Gura 37.9363°N  22.3423°E  1080 m  TRILLIUM 40 Trident-B
HP KFL Kefalonia Isl. 38.1096°N  20.7880°E  264 m  KS2000M Trident-B
HP KNS Konitsa 40.0596°N  20.7592°E  1092 m  KS2000M Trident-B
HP LTK Loutraki 38.0228°N  22.9673°E  408 m  CMG-3T Trident-B
HP LTHK Lithakia, Zakinthos 37.7095°N  20.8367°E  35 m  CMG-3T Trident-B
HP PDO Prodromos 38.5986°N  21.1833°E  227 m  CMG-3T/360 Trident-B
HP PVO Paravola 38.6167°N  21.5259°E  188 m  TRILLIUM 120 Trident-B
HP PYL Pylos 36.8955°N  21.7420°E  220 m  CMG-3T Trident-B
HP RGA Parga 39.3212°N  20.3544°E  610 m  KS2000M Trident-B
HP SERG Sergoula 38.4133°N  22.0566°E  480 m  CMG-3T Trident-B
HP SFD Strofades Isl. 37.2512°N  21.0165°E  45 m  TRILLIUM 120 Trident-B
HP SGD Sagiada 39.6120°N  20.2340°E  553 m  KS2000M Trident-B
HP UPR University of Patras 38.2836°N  21.7864°E  138 m  S-13 Trident-B
HP VLX Vlahokerasia 37.3703°N  22.3793°E  1031 m  TRILLIUM 40 Geobit SRi32s
HP VTN Vitineika 37.9166°N  21.1856°E  50 m  S-13 Trident-B
HP VVK Vomvokou 38.4222°N  21.8116°E  331 m  S-13 Trident-B
HP ZKS Zakinthos 37.6960°N  20.7850°E  374 m  TRILLIUM 120 Trident-B
HI ARG2 Prefecture, Argostoli, Cephalonia, Ionian Islands 38.1783°N  20.4878°E  6 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI ARS1 Town Hall, Argos, Argolis, Peloponnese 37.6349°N  22.7293°E  34 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI ART2 Hospital, Arta, Epirus 39.1474°N  20.9937°E  191 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI ATH5 Greek Parliament, Athens 37.9754°N  23.7371°E  99 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI CH01 Prefecture (Technical Services), Chania, Crete 35.5170°N  24.0208°E  0 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI DRA2 Hospital,Drama, Eastern Macedonia 41.1593°N  24.1485°E  167 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI KLV1 Health-Center, Kalavryta, Achaea, Peloponnese 38.0326°N  22.1080°E  717 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI KRI1 Town-Hall, Keri, Zakynthos, Ionian Islands 37.6621°N  20.8172°E  185 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI KRK1 Prefecture, Veterinary, Corfu, Ionian Islands 39.6189°N  19.9202°E  10 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI KRL1 Aegean-University, Karlovasi, Samos, North Aegean 37.7951°N  26.7065°E  14 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI KSS1 KEP, Kasos, Kasos Island 35.4189°N  26.9207°E  0 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI LAM2 Antiperifereia, Lamia, Fthiotis, Central Greece 38.9020°N  22.4313°E  112 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI LMN1 TownHall, Myrina, Limnos Island 39.8750°N  25.0588°E  2 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI LMS2 TownHall, Laimos, Florina, Western Macedonia 40.8350°N  21.1418°E  923 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI MSL1 Prefecture, Mesologgi, Western Greece 38.3727°N  21.4243°E  1 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI MYT1 Aegean University, Mytilene, Lesvos Island 39.0850°N  26.5694°E  34 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI NAX1 TownHall, Naxos, Naxos Island 37.1014°N  25.3741°E  7 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI NPS1 HealthCenter, Neapoli, Laconia, Peloponnese 36.5126°N  23.0625°E  48 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI PLN1 TownHall, Chaniotis, Chalkidiki, Central Macedonia 39.9980°N  23.5750°E  29 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI PYL1 TownHall, Pylos, Messenia, Peloponnese 36.9142°N  21.6952°E  0 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI RDI1 TownHall, Rhodes, Rhodes Island 36.4514°N  28.2240°E  7 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI RGE1 TownHall, Gennadi, Rhodes Island 36.0269°N  27.9306°E  3 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI SFL1 HealthCenter, Soufli, Evros, Thrace 41.1900°N  26.3044°E  6 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI SIT2 TownHall, Siteia, Lasithi, Crete 35.2059°N  26.1070°E  0 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI SKO1 TownHall, Skopelos, Skopelos Island 39.1234°N  23.7287°E  6 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI SKY1 TownHall, Skyros, Skyros Island 38.9045°N  24.5646°E  75 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI THS1 HealthCenter, Prinos, Thasos Island 40.7385°N  24.5751°E  20 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI VAS2 HealthCenter, Vassiliki, Lefkas Island 38.6306°N  20.6081°E  5 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI VOL2 Prefecture, Volos, Magnesia, Thessaly 39.3660°N  22.9506°E  26 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HI VRO1 TownHall, Vrontados, Chios Island 38.4057°N  26.1339°E  14 m  CMG-5TDE CMG-DM24
HC CHAN Chania 35.5193°N  24.0428°E  37 m  CMG-3ESP/60 REFTEK-130
HC FRMA Ferma 35.0187°N  25.8555°E  22 m  CMG-40T/1 REFTEK-130
HC GVDS Gavdhos Isl. 34.8389°N  24.0585°E  358 m  CMG-40T/1 REFTEK-130
HC HRKL Heraklion 35.3115°N  25.1016°E  90 m  CMG-3ESP/60 REFTEK-130
HC KLMT Kalamata 37.0613°N  22.0597°E  6 m  CMG-3ESP/60 REFTEK-130
HC KNDR Palaiochora 35.2348°N  23.6248°E  13 m  CMG-3ESP/60 REFTEK-130
HC KOSK Kos 36.7516°N  26.9785°E  269 m  CMG-3ESP/60 REFTEK-130
HC KSTL Kasteli 35.2092°N  25.3374°E  335 m  CMG-40T/1 REFTEK-130
HC KTHR Kithira 36.2447°N  22.9938°E  270 m  CMG-3ESP/60 REFTEK-130
HC PRNS Prines 35.3445°N  24.4266°E  278 m  CMG-3ESP/60 REFTEK-130
HC RODP Rodopos 35.5604°N  23.7577°E  299 m  CMG-3ESP/60 REFTEK-130
HC STIA Sitia 35.2021°N  26.0909°E  93 m  CMG-40T/1 REFTEK-130
HC TMBK Timbaki 35.0724°N  24.7662°E  12 m  CMG-3ESP/60 REFTEK-130