Earthquake Information
 Origin Time
2024-04-02 21:46:42 (GMT)
M 2.5
36.5894° N
21.7954° E
 Focal Depth
2 km
 # of Arrivals
 Location 26.7 km SSE of Methoni
57.5 km SSW of Kalamata
231.1 km SW of Athens
 Solution type

  Station data

PYLHP34.4352 P21:46:45.86 -2.31.0A
PYL1HI37.2346 P21:46:46.43 -2.21.0A
GR331Y51.7 68 P21:46:49.99 -1.11.0A
VALYHP66.1 15 P21:46:53.51 0.11.0A
ITMHL66.5 10 P21:46:52.04 -1.51.0A
GR311Y81.3 52 P21:46:56.58 0.51.0A
VLXHP101.1 31 P21:46:58.76 -0.61.0A
VLIHL103.7 82 P21:46:59.18 -0.71.0A
AMTHP105.1356 P21:46:58.04 -2.01.0A
KTHRHC113.9109 P21:47:01.26 -0.31.0A
GR321Y114.2 68 P21:47:00.68 -0.91.0A
GR301Y124.7 34 P21:47:02.46 -0.61.0A
KRNDHT149.2 53 P21:47:06.78 0.21.0A
DROHP151.7357 P21:47:06.26 -0.61.0A
ANKYHL157.1120 P21:47:06.70 -1.01.0A
KLVHL164.7 11 P21:47:08.45 -0.31.0A
RLSHL165.7350 P21:47:11.18 2.31.0A
ACORHA173.1 33 P21:47:10.15 0.21.0A
LAKAHA184.3 5 P21:47:12.53 1.11.0A
LTKHP190.1 33 P21:47:14.95 2.71.0A
EFPHP204.6 3 P21:47:16.70 2.51.0A
ANXHP223.1 3 P21:47:18.64 2.01.0A
MRTHHA255.0 47 P21:47:23.39 2.71.0A
GR201Y294.2359 P21:47:25.87 0.41.0A
TETRHL309.7352 P21:47:26.73 -0.61.0A