Earthquake Information
 Origin Time
2021-10-14 07:07:07 (GMT)
M 1.6
35.1527° N
25.2040° E
 Focal Depth
9 km
 # of Arrivals
 Location 20.3 km SSE of Iraklion
70.6 km ESE of Rethimnon
341.0 km SSE of Athens
 Solution type
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  Station data

CRE1HL9.2 27 P07:07:09.62 0.01.0M
CRE1HL9.2 27 S07:07:11.47 0.01.0M
CRE2HL6.1263 P07:07:09.28 0.01.0M
CRE2HL6.1263 S07:07:10.93 0.01.0M
CRE3HL9.3155 P07:07:09.53 -0.11.0M
CRE3HL9.3155 S07:07:11.52 0.11.0M
KNSSHC17.0353 P07:07:11.16 0.41.0M
KNSSHC17.0353 S07:07:13.51 0.11.0M
IDIMN32.2298 P07:07:13.46 0.21.0M
IDIMN32.2298 S07:07:17.77 -0.21.0M

  Solution details