Earthquake Information
 Origin Time
2021-09-26 00:36:30 (GMT)
M 1.7
39.2408° N
22.6755° E
 Focal Depth
2 km
 # of Arrivals
 Location 27.1 km WSW of Volos
43.3 km NNE of Lamia
167.3 km NNW of Athens
 Solution type
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  Station data

AGGHT38.1230 P00:36:36.66 -0.51.0A
NEOHL47.6 81 P00:36:38.89 0.11.0A
AXARHA52.8182 P00:36:39.71 0.11.0A
NESNHT55.3348 P00:36:40.14 0.11.0A
THLHL67.3303 P00:36:41.71 -0.41.0A
TYRNHT64.6324 P00:36:40.68 -1.01.0A
EVRHL82.9245 P00:36:44.95 0.21.0A
VRKSHP85.1315 P00:36:44.62 -0.51.0A
ANXHP97.2222 P00:36:46.39 -0.81.0A
AOS2HT101.2 95 P00:36:47.40 -0.51.0A
LITHT96.9351 P00:36:47.37 0.21.0A
MRKAHA98.8127 P00:36:46.70 -0.71.0A
PANRCL103.3201 P00:36:47.77 -0.41.0A
EFPHP112.4217 P00:36:50.01 0.31.0A
PYRGCL108.6212 P00:36:47.71 -1.41.0A
TRIZCL110.5208 P00:36:49.23 -0.21.0A
TETRHL121.1276 P00:36:52.98 2.01.0A
VVKHP117.8220 P00:36:51.71 1.21.0A
GURHP147.9191 P00:36:55.01 0.21.0A
KLVHL140.7199 P00:36:54.25 0.51.0A
PLGHL141.8 27 P00:36:54.36 0.41.0A
DIONHL169.2139 P00:36:58.93 1.11.0A

  Solution details