Earthquake Information
 Origin Time
2021-09-25 11:59:53 (GMT)
M 2.3
39.2524° N
22.7054° E
 Focal Depth
2 km
 # of Arrivals
 Location 24.3 km WSW of Volos
45.7 km NNE of Lamia
167.0 km NNW of Athens
 Solution type
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  Station data

AGGHT40.9231 P11:59:59.42 -1.11.0A
NEOHL44.8 82 P12:00:01.43 0.21.0A
AXARHA54.2184 P12:00:02.02 -0.81.0A
ATALHA68.0156 P12:00:04.56 -0.51.0A
THLHL68.8301 P12:00:04.13 -1.11.0A
TYRNHT65.2322 P12:00:03.48 -1.21.0A
VRKSHP86.0314 P12:00:08.66 0.51.0A
ANXHP99.9223 P12:00:09.32 -1.21.0A
AOS2HT98.8 96 P12:00:10.23 -0.11.0A
LITHT96.1349 P12:00:09.88 0.01.0A
MRKAHA97.5128 P12:00:09.90 -0.21.0A
PANRCL105.4202 P12:00:10.04 -1.41.0A
EFPHP115.0217 P12:00:12.07 -0.91.0A
PYRGCL111.0213 P12:00:10.40 -2.01.0A
TRIZCL112.8209 P12:00:12.33 -0.31.0A
AGRPCL127.7222 P12:00:15.39 0.61.0A
TETRHL123.5275 P12:00:13.30 -0.91.0A
VVKHP120.5220 P12:00:14.12 0.41.0A
AMPLHP133.9255 P12:00:16.87 1.11.0A
LAKAHA129.0209 P12:00:16.50 1.51.0A
LTKHP138.6170 P12:00:16.79 0.41.0A
GURHP149.7192 P12:00:17.97 0.01.0A
KLVHL142.8200 P12:00:16.94 0.01.0A
PLEVHP146.2231 P12:00:18.56 1.11.0A
PRMDHP141.7283 P12:00:19.04 2.21.0A
PDOHP150.4242 P12:00:18.40 0.31.0A
AXSHP164.6225 P12:00:21.86 1.81.0A
DIONHL168.6140 P12:00:21.86 1.21.0A
DROHP168.4211 P12:00:21.70 1.11.0A
PRASHL281.1 33 P12:00:34.63 -0.61.0A

  Solution details