Earthquake Information
 Origin Time
2021-09-25 00:21:18 (GMT)
M 2.7
34.6404° N
25.1028° E
 Focal Depth
10 km
 # of Arrivals
 Location 76.2 km S of Iraklion
99.0 km SE of Rethimnon
391.4 km SSE of Athens
 Solution type
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  Station data

IMODHC46.2323 P00:21:27.63 0.31.0A
SIVAHL49.7328 P00:21:28.39 0.51.0A
IDIMN74.6345 P00:21:27.63 -4.11.0A
NPSHL83.1 34 P00:21:33.19 0.11.0A
GVDHL95.4284 P00:21:33.34 -1.71.0A
GVDSHC97.9283 P00:21:33.63 -1.81.0A
IPPLHC98.0324 P00:21:36.09 0.71.0A
ZKRHL114.5 62 P00:21:37.86 -0.11.0A
IMMVHL136.9312 P00:21:41.51 0.51.0A
KNDRHC150.1297 P00:21:43.36 0.61.0A
RODPHC159.5310 P00:21:46.29 2.31.0A
KARPHL212.7 61 P00:21:50.97 0.01.0A
MHLOHL236.5345 P00:21:54.30 0.41.0A
KTHAHL257.8315 P00:21:57.72 1.11.0A
VLIHL302.1320 P00:22:02.47 0.41.0A
DIONHL396.3345 P00:22:13.59 0.01.0A
GURHP442.1327 P00:22:19.55 0.21.0A
KLVHL461.6326 P00:22:22.69 0.91.0A

  Solution details