Earthquake Information
 Origin Time
2021-09-24 00:36:26 (GMT)
M 1.8
38.3292° N
23.3559° E
 Focal Depth
2 km
 # of Arrivals
 Location 26.0 km SW of Chalkida
43.6 km ESE of Levadhia
50.7 km NW of Athens
 Solution type
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  Station data

THIVHA4.0212 P00:36:27.98 0.01.0A
THVAHL1.7272 P00:36:27.84 0.31.0A
AMPEHA8.2248 P00:36:28.34 -0.31.0A
THI1HL7.3 27 P00:36:28.53 0.01.0A
THI2HL13.5291 P00:36:29.03 -0.51.0A
STFNHA23.6136 P00:36:30.70 -0.61.0A
VILLHA18.7192 P00:36:29.43 -1.01.0A
DOMVHA33.8256 P00:36:32.00 -1.01.0A
MDRAHA31.4162 P00:36:32.07 -0.51.0A
ATALHA49.8324 P00:36:34.74 -0.91.0A
LKRHL47.3319 P00:36:34.23 -1.01.0A
LTKHP48.1225 P00:36:34.41 -1.01.0A
MRKAHA46.3 25 P00:36:35.63 0.51.0A
DIONHL57.7119 P00:36:37.24 0.21.0A
LOUTHA50.5221 P00:36:35.86 0.01.0A
MRTHHA56.0114 P00:36:37.18 0.41.0A
ACORHA64.8221 P00:36:38.40 0.21.0A
THALHA68.8242 P00:36:40.75 1.91.0A
AXARHA77.7309 P00:36:39.68 -0.71.0A
AOS2HT100.4 25 P00:36:44.83 0.61.0A
GURHP98.8244 P00:36:44.99 1.01.0A
PANRCL96.6273 P00:36:43.81 0.21.0A
LAKAHA120.6266 P00:36:49.51 2.11.0A
VRKSHP200.9324 P00:36:58.80 0.11.0A

  Solution details