Earthquake Information
 Origin Time
2021-09-22 05:34:04 (GMT)
M 1.8
38.3456° N
23.3136° E
 Focal Depth
2 km
 # of Arrivals
 Location 28.1 km WSW of Chalkida
39.6 km ESE of Levadhia
54.5 km NW of Athens
 Solution type
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  Station data

THIVHA5.4163 P05:34:05.47 -0.21.0A
THVAHL2.6132 P05:34:05.27 0.11.0A
AMPEHA6.3219 P05:34:05.87 0.11.0A
THI1HL8.5 56 P05:34:06.54 0.41.0A
THI2HL9.4289 P05:34:06.45 0.11.0A
STFNHA27.5133 P05:34:08.16 -1.21.0A
DOMVHA30.8251 P05:34:11.31 1.41.0A
MDRAHA34.4157 P05:34:09.34 -1.21.0A
ATALHA46.2327 P05:34:12.17 -0.31.0A
LKRHL43.5321 P05:34:11.68 -0.41.0A
LOUTHA49.6217 P05:34:13.02 0.01.0A
LTKHP47.0220 P05:34:11.79 -0.81.0A
MRKAHA46.4 30 P05:34:12.13 -0.41.0A
MRTHHA60.1114 P05:34:14.88 0.01.0A
DIONHL61.8119 P05:34:16.23 1.11.0A
VLYHL69.1142 P05:34:17.57 1.21.0A

  Solution details