Earthquake Information
 Origin Time
2021-09-11 20:03:57 (GMT)
M 1.2
37.8530° N
22.2608° E
 Focal Depth
12 km
 # of Arrivals
 Location 23.8 km SSE of Kalavrita
39.7 km NNW of Tripolis
130.0 km W of Athens
 Solution type
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  Station data

KLVHL23.3335 P20:04:02.27 -0.21.0M
KLVHL23.3335 S20:04:05.93 -0.21.0M
KLV1HI24.0326 P20:04:02.70 0.11.0M
KLV1HI24.0326 S20:04:06.45 0.11.0M
DROHP49.5283 P20:04:06.74 0.21.0M
DROHP49.5283 S20:04:12.87 -0.51.0M
LAKAHA49.6330 P20:04:06.09 -0.51.0M
LAKAHA49.6330 S20:04:12.59 -0.71.0M
VLXHP54.7169 P20:04:07.18 -0.21.0M
VLXHP54.7169 S20:04:15.05 0.21.0M
EFPHP71.0334 P20:04:09.98 0.11.0M
EFPHP71.0334 S20:04:19.91 0.71.0M
PYRGCL65.5341 P20:04:09.04 -0.11.0M
PYRGCL65.5341 S20:04:18.27 0.51.0M
VVKHP74.5328 P20:04:10.34 -0.21.0M
VVKHP74.5328 S20:04:20.68 0.41.0M
ANXHP87.5340 P20:04:12.52 -0.11.0M
ANXHP87.5340 S20:04:24.41 0.41.0M
AXSHP86.4296 P20:04:12.14 -0.21.0M
AXSHP86.4296 S20:04:23.95 0.41.0M

  Solution details