Earthquake Information
 Origin Time
2020-08-02 05:10:54 (GMT)
M 1.7
38.6302° N
22.8117° E
 Focal Depth
2 km
 # of Arrivals
 Location 16.4 km W of Atalanti
22.4 km NNW of Levadhia
107.9 km NW of Athens
 Solution type
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  Station data

LKRHL16.4 83 P05:10:57.46 -0.31.0M
LKRHL16.4 83 S05:11:00.13 -0.31.0M
ATALHA19.5 69 P05:10:58.88 0.51.0M
ATALHA19.5 69 S05:11:01.32 -0.21.0M
AXARHA20.1319 P05:10:59.07 0.51.0M
AXARHA20.1319 S05:11:01.62 -0.11.0M
DLFAHL32.2239 P05:11:01.18 0.51.0M
DLFAHL32.2239 S05:11:05.30 -0.21.0M
AGGHT59.9316 P05:11:05.55 0.21.0M
AGGHT59.9316 S05:11:13.55 -0.21.0M
LTKHP68.9169 P05:11:07.13 0.41.0M
VILLHA67.7140 P05:11:06.54 -0.11.0M
VILLHA67.7140 S05:11:15.51 -0.51.0M
ANXHP77.5267 P05:11:08.20 -0.11.0M
ANXHP77.5267 S05:11:18.46 -0.51.0M
PYRGCL73.4251 P05:11:07.32 -0.21.0M
PYRGCL73.4251 S05:11:17.50 -0.11.0M
DIONHL115.5122 P05:11:14.57 0.21.0M
DIONHL115.5122 S05:11:29.95 0.41.0M

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