Earthquake Information
 Origin Time
2019-12-01 05:37:45 (GMT)
M 0.9
38.3477° N
21.8252° E
 Focal Depth
7 km
 # of Arrivals
 Location 14.0 km NE of Patras
25.0 km WNW of Aegion
171.7 km WNW of Athens
 Solution type
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  Station data

AGRPCL10.4301 P05:37:47.96 -0.11.0M
AGRPCL10.4301 S05:37:49.90 0.01.0M
EFPHP11.3 39 P05:37:48.15 0.01.0M
EFPHP11.3 39 S05:37:50.33 0.21.0M
MALACL6.5 39 P05:37:47.44 0.01.0M
MALACL6.5 39 S05:37:49.02 0.21.0M
ZIRICL12.0114 P05:37:48.13 -0.11.0M
ZIRICL12.0114 S05:37:50.10 -0.21.0M
PYRGCL18.1 67 P05:37:49.26 -0.11.0M
PYRGCL18.1 67 S05:37:52.00 -0.21.0M
TRIZCL21.7 85 P05:37:49.78 -0.11.0M
TRIZCL21.7 85 S05:37:53.22 0.11.0M
ANXHP28.6 17 P05:37:51.12 0.01.0M
ANXHP28.6 17 S05:37:55.42 0.21.0M
DROHP45.1193 P05:37:53.63 -0.11.0M
DROHP45.1193 S05:38:00.08 0.21.0M

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