Earthquake Information
 Origin Time
2019-09-11 08:13:16 (GMT)
M 3.5
38.0640° N
24.0518° E
 Focal Depth
13 km
 # of Arrivals
 Location 29.3 km ENE of Athens
59.5 km SE of Chalkida
81.4 km WNW of Andros
 Solution type
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  Station data

DIONHL10.5278 P08:13:19.42 -0.31.0M
DIONHL10.5278 S08:13:21.68 -0.41.0M
PTLHL16.6264 P08:13:20.34 -0.21.0M
PTLHL16.6264 S08:13:22.63 -0.81.0M
ATHHL30.9251 P08:13:22.60 0.01.0M
ATHHL30.9251 S08:13:26.50 -0.61.0M
ATH5HI29.3250 P08:13:22.23 -0.11.0M
ATH5HI29.3250 S08:13:25.94 -0.71.0M
KARYHA33.9 96 P08:13:22.96 -0.11.0M
KARYHA33.9 96 S08:13:27.36 -0.61.0M
VLYHL32.6224 P08:13:22.57 -0.31.0M
VLYHL32.6224 S08:13:26.83 -0.71.0M
STFNHA46.2286 P08:13:25.32 0.31.0M
STFNHA46.2286 S08:13:31.23 -0.21.0M
KYMIHL63.4 4 P08:13:27.99 0.31.0M
KYMIHL63.4 4 S08:13:36.45 0.41.0M
VILLHA65.7280 P08:13:28.43 0.31.0M
VILLHA65.7280 S08:13:36.66 -0.21.0M
LOUTHA94.8265 P08:13:33.00 0.31.0M
LOUTHA94.8265 S08:13:45.67 0.71.0M
LTKHP95.1267 P08:13:33.13 0.31.0M
LTKHP95.1267 S08:13:44.96 -0.11.0M
SKYHL100.8 25 P08:13:34.23 0.61.0M
SKYHL100.8 25 S08:13:47.39 0.91.0M
YDRAHL94.8213 P08:13:32.85 0.21.0M
YDRAHL94.8213 S08:13:45.23 0.41.0M
ATALHA113.8308 P08:13:35.73 0.11.0M
LKRHL112.6305 P08:13:35.50 0.11.0M
LKRHL112.6305 S08:13:50.13 0.41.0M
TNSAHL113.7121 P08:13:36.10 0.51.0M
TNSAHL113.7121 S08:13:50.15 0.21.0M
AOS2HT121.9351 P08:13:37.56 0.81.0M
AOS2HT121.9351 S08:13:52.59 0.51.0M
ARS1HI125.5248 P08:13:37.58 0.11.0M
AXARHA144.3303 P08:13:40.74 0.41.0M
AXARHA144.3303 S08:13:58.81 0.51.0M
DLFAHL143.4289 P08:13:40.31 0.01.0M
DLFAHL143.4289 S08:13:58.58 0.41.0M
GURHP150.5265 P08:13:41.22 -0.21.0M
GURHP150.5265 S08:13:59.87 -0.41.0M
MHLOHL155.9169 P08:13:42.49 0.51.0M
NEOHL155.7332 P08:13:42.02 0.01.0M
NEOHL155.7332 S08:14:00.52 -0.81.0M
APEHL170.2130 P08:13:43.71 -0.31.0M
KALEHA170.9282 P08:13:43.92 -0.21.0M
KLVHL166.5269 P08:13:43.13 -0.51.0M
PSARCL166.7280 P08:13:43.55 0.01.0M
TEMECL170.1276 P08:13:44.18 0.21.0M
TEMECL170.1276 S08:14:04.44 -0.21.0M
VLXHP166.1242 P08:13:43.55 0.01.0M
AGEOCL175.3277 P08:13:44.71 0.11.0M
CHOSHT178.2 78 P08:13:44.85 -0.31.0M
CHOSHT178.2 78 S08:14:06.31 -0.41.0M
EFSAHL183.1 26 P08:13:44.66 -0.91.0M
TRIZCL176.1281 P08:13:44.61 -0.11.0M
TRIZCL176.1281 S08:14:06.04 0.01.0M
VLIHL178.7213 P08:13:44.39 -0.61.0M
AGGHT183.3305 P08:13:45.69 0.01.0M
EFPHP191.7282 P08:13:47.05 0.31.0M
EFPHP191.7282 S08:14:09.84 0.31.0M
MALACL193.8281 P08:13:47.36 0.41.0M
MALACL193.8281 S08:14:10.06 0.01.0M
MG07CL187.8282 P08:13:46.18 -0.11.0M
ZIRICL185.4278 P08:13:46.32 0.31.0M
ZIRICL185.4278 S08:14:08.11 -0.31.0M
ANXHP195.0287 P08:13:47.54 0.21.0M
MAKRHA197.6302 P08:13:48.10 0.61.0M
SIGRHT202.0 51 P08:13:47.09 -0.91.0M
DROHP205.4267 P08:13:48.63 0.11.0M
DROHP205.4267 S08:14:12.38 -0.51.0M
PAIGHT210.7351 P08:13:48.84 -0.21.0M
PAIGHT210.7351 S08:14:13.43 -0.31.0M
TYRNHT241.5319 P08:13:53.09 0.01.0M
TYRNHT241.5319 S08:14:20.37 -0.41.0M
OURHT252.5359 P08:13:53.61 -0.81.0M

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