Earthquake Information
 Origin Time
2019-06-11 22:14:07 (GMT)
M 1.2
37.8207° N
23.5842° E
 Focal Depth
6 km
 # of Arrivals
 Location 22.3 km SW of Athens
58.7 km ESE of Korinthos
71.5 km S of Chalkida
 Solution type
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  Station data

ATHHL20.7 35 P22:14:11.62 0.51.0M
ATHUHA23.9 47 P22:14:11.66 -0.11.0M
ATHUHA23.9 47 S22:14:14.88 -0.41.0M
PTLHL35.2 44 P22:14:13.54 -0.11.0M
PTLHL35.2 44 S22:14:18.37 -0.21.0M
VILLHA45.0328 P22:14:15.52 0.31.0M
LTKHP58.6292 P22:14:17.67 0.21.0M
LTKHP58.6292 S22:14:24.82 -0.61.0M
KRNDHT61.9218 P22:14:17.56 -0.41.0M
KRNDHT61.9218 S22:14:25.76 -0.51.0M
KARYHA78.4 73 P22:14:20.60 -0.11.0M
KARYHA78.4 73 S22:14:30.99 -0.11.0M
KYMIHL101.0 27 P22:14:24.71 0.51.0M
LKRHL105.4331 P22:14:25.60 0.71.0M
GURHP109.8277 P22:14:25.46 -0.31.0M
KLVHL128.2281 P22:14:29.16 0.51.0M
VLIHL135.0205 P22:14:29.90 0.31.0M
VLIHL135.0205 S22:14:47.18 0.51.0M

  Solution details