Earthquake Information
 Origin Time
2017-10-12 00:03:43 (GMT)
M 1.2
38.0884° N
22.8574° E
 Focal Depth
10 km
 # of Arrivals
 Location 18.0 km NNW of Korinthos
38.6 km S of Levadhia
77.6 km W of Athens
 Solution type

  Station data

THALHA18.0251 P00:03:48.63 0.91.0A
GURHP48.2250 P00:03:51.64 -0.81.0A
AIOACL70.8280 P00:03:55.21 -0.81.0A
ATALHA68.7 12 P00:03:55.58 -0.11.0A
KLVHL62.1266 P00:03:53.18 -1.51.0A
LKRHL63.6 11 P00:03:54.62 -0.21.0A
PSARHA65.5295 P00:03:52.83 -2.31.0A
AXARHA77.3347 P00:03:56.11 -0.91.0A
LAKAHA78.7283 P00:03:57.20 0.01.0A
TRIZHA75.2294 P00:03:56.16 -0.51.0A
MG00CL87.4295 P00:03:59.82 1.21.0A
MG04CL87.3295 P00:03:59.50 0.91.0A
MG06CL87.4295 P00:04:00.24 1.61.0A
ROD3CL87.8286 P00:04:00.15 1.51.0A
AGRPCL104.8289 P00:04:01.87 0.51.0A
KYMIHL124.1 60 P00:04:04.60 0.51.0A

  Solution details