Efpalio Earthquake Sequence
(January 2010)

A moderate earthquake of magnitude Mw=5.1 occurred on 18 January 2010 at 15:56 UTC. The event was located near Efpalio and was felt in Nafpaktos and Patras. No important damages or injuries were reported.

In the same epicentral area a second event of moment magnitude Mw=5.1 also occurred four days after, on 22 January 2010 at 00:46 UTC. The aftershock activity was intense. More than 500 events are manually located for the period 18-25 January.

Date Time Latitude  Longitude  Depth (km) Mw Source
18/01/2010 15:56:08 38.4144° N 21.9153° E 7 5.1 ATHU
22/01/2010 00:46:55 38.4323° N 21.9449° E 8 5.1 ATHU

Moment Magnitude
Focal Mechanism

Seismicity and Focal Mechanisms

The location of the recent events are presented by stars



Seismic Moment and Moment Magnitude Determination
by Spectral Analysis


First event (18/01/2010, 15:56:08)

Second event (22/01/2010, 00:46:55)


Source Papameters Determination (first event)
Fault Plane Solution: φ=95, δ=43, λ=-95


Focal Mechanisms of aftershocks


Web Site Trafic

The unification of the Hellenic Seismological Networks (HUSN) permitted, since the beginning of 2008, the location of earthquakes in real time. The Seismological Laboratory of the University of Athens has developed an automatic procedure, in order to provide information on the seismicity of the broader area of Greece.

After the occurrence of the earthquakes in Efpalio, that were felt in the broader region, citizens tried to obtain useful information from the web. In the following figure, the traffic of the website of the Seismological Laboratory is presented for the 18th and 22nd January 2010.